Interview with Ed Sheeran

SoulSide Funk

ed sheeranWith his thick crop of ginger hair Ed Sheeran looks more like he’s stepped straight out of early 90s Grange Hill, than the super-talented singer he is; only the guitar strapped to his back gives the secret away.

Truth is, Ed has been writing music since he was fourteen years old.  He moved to London two years ago and in that time he has done a couple of gigs (312 in 2009 alone), met a few people and won the East Anglia Next Big Thing competition.  After recently releasing his 5th solo project, the Loose Change EP (an eclectic fusion of R&B and Folk), I caught up with him to talk about song-writing, moving to The City and being a bit of a musical misfit…

Soulside Funk: The Loose Change EP was recently released, what were you trying to go for or say with it?

Ed Sheeran: Song-writing wise…

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