Robin Williams and Gaming Because No, I’m Still Not Over It

You may have known, I didn’t until reading this article, but Robin Williams played World of Warcraft. And now he’s going to be immortalized in-game. However, WoW wasn’t the only game he played. He named his daughter after Zelda from “Legend of Zelda,” and named his son after Cody from “Final Fight.” 

“Robin Williams played “Portal,” and “World of Warcraft,” and “Call of Duty,” and was open about his addiction to them. “It’s like cyber-cocaine,” he told the Daily Telegraph in a 2011 interview. ‘Especially if you’re online playing against other people, it’s totally addictive, you get lost in the world.'” – Salon

If this doesn’t make you love Robin Williams more than you’re crazy, because his love for gaming is awesome. And adorable in this “Legend of Zelda” commercial, feature RW and his daughter:

There’s so many things I wish I had known before this great man died, and this is one of them.


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