Robin Williams and Articles Worth Reading

So unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few days…

…well Robin Williams. RIP Robin Williams. 

And some people have been asking questions. Hell, even NPR this morning talked about how some people are asking “how can a man with so much commit suicide?”

Depression doesn’t only attack a certain financial sector. Trust me – I’m lucky to never have to worry about having food in front of me, and thanks to the brilliant saving of my parents, college is pretty much paid for. And call me some ranting crazed spoiled brat, but that money hasn’t stopped me making scars on my legs to deal with the pain. The good thing? I’m starting to make progress. But others aren’t. 

The taboo against depression? That remains to be seen. But you can start the conversation by reading this article. It manages to discuss the issue without blaming those who are depressed.

So. Let’s get rid of the taboo. We can’t just keep saying goodbye to people and then act like nothing happened. 

I’m Jennie and I have major depressive disorder. Nice to meet you.


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