How to Fight Against Racism in Less Than 140 Characters

Thank you twitter. 

I’m not thanking the “funny tweets” people put out there though. Often, people decide that hilarity comes in the form of bashing other people. Not so funny. Then agian, maybe Ryan Carr disagrees.

Yes. Yes you are racist in this case.

Yet, one can appreciate this tweet for something – it brought about this response:

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 1.46.27 PM

As fantastic as this reply is, it doesn’t mean that racism like this can be solved with a snarky comment. Mic posted an article explaining why.

Turbans are predominantly worn by Sikhs. Sikhism is an independent religion with no association to Islam or the Arab world, though those were undoubtedly the groups Carr was referencing. His tweet was so racist that it even conflated different races. (This doesn’t mean that Muslim or Arab people are justifiable targets, only that Carr’s understanding of these religions and ethnicities was factually incorrect on top of being racist in itself.)

So Carr was being so racist he didn’t actually realize who he was being racist to. And considering the amount of shootings recently, Singh has a point.



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