“Spice” Ain’t Nice, But Weed Could Be The Future

Marijuana has never killed anyone

That’s not to claim there are no long term side effects from ingesting the drug. Frequent use can effect the memory and cause respiratory problems, but at least it’s never killed anyone.

The same cannot be said for Spice. 

Spice, also known as K2, is synthetic marijuana. While some packets claim that it is “natural,” there are human-made marijuana compounds in the packets. It’s not natural, and it’s not safe. I would say to ask Connor Eckhardt, but unfortunately, you can’t anymore. He died after using the drug this past July.

Conner, 19, had a lot to live for. He had completed drug rehab a year earlier and had two younger siblings and a loving family. His parents said that they are certain he didn’t know that taking spice would be the last thing he did. He took the hit. Less than two days later he was in a coma. 

Because there is no quality control on [synthetic cannibus], however, and the chemical additives have been blamed for multiple cases of stroke, seizure, brain damage, and death. Because neither the chemicals nor their concentrations is regulated, users have no idea how to predict what the reaction will be once they have used the drug.

The plant itself is becoming a different story. 

Two states, Colorado and Washington, have now legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational use, with many more having legalized it for medical usage. This allows the plant to be regulated and gives users a dosage with higher purity. It’s safer. It’s a money maker. 

Graphic by Chris Walker. Data from the New America Foundation and the Cato Institute. 

$18 Billion dollars could be raised by legalizing marijuana, according to the Cato Institute report, which accounts revenue from no longer enforcing prohibition, along with new marijuana sales tax revenue. Cato assumes marijuana would be taxed at similar rates as alcohol and tobacco. This money could go towards education. Education that could save tax dollars down the road. 

Last year a Harvard study found that pre-K education improved “children’s language, literacy, math, executive function (the ability to regulate, control, and manage one’s thinking and actions), and emotional development.” Pre-k puts more kids on track to succeed down the road. And the benefits reach far into adulthood. In another study, University of Minnesota researchers found that people were less likely to have been arrested or incarcerated 25 years after participating in a pre-K program, compared to people who hadn’t gone through pre-K.

Smarter kids that could do more in society. Less people in jail. It’s a win-win. 

So kids, don’t do Spice. It’s not worth it. 

Buy weed instead.


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