The Honest Beauty Project

Both 16 years old, Ilana and Marlena want to change the way people perceive themselves. They’re done with the idea that beauty is based solely on looks. The idea, one that they define as “so limiting,” has started to be combated. The arms that Ilana and Marlena carry? Whiteboards and markers.

Marlena – “I am beautiful because I refuse to be defined.”

The girls have created a Facebook page dedicated to spreading the message of self love and hoping to share the concept of not being defined by the society around you.

Oghenero – “I am beautiful because I smile.”

There’s one other thing about the message of self worth – it doesn’t have to be physical. None of the signs have anything to do with physical attributes. They all have to do with who they are, who they choose to be. Together, we can band together and move forward as a culture that values brains over beauty. Together we can make a difference. Marlena and Ilana have already started.

Emma – “I am beautiful because I exist!”


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